Southern Miss SGA

The Cabinet Branch of the Student Government Association focuses on providing students with events and initiatives. We work with the other branches to ensure the student voice is being heard and represented on campus at the University of Southern Mississippi.


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The Philanthropy Commission is a branch of the Student Government Association that strives to raise money and awareness for the USM Foundation by gaining support from students, local businesses and organizations in the Hattiesburg community.



Freshman Council creates freshmen programs, freshmen community service opportunities, and helps instill a sense of tradition and pride for both the freshman class and campus.


Freshman Forum is designed to improve the university experience and will represent the freshmen class in SGA senate. They will work as a mini-senate by creating their own legislation to be presented to SGA senate. FA Forum members will learn parliamentary procedure and have the opportunity to meet and interact with state senators as well as other government and university officials. They will attend senate meetings as guests and serve as the representative voice for first-year students.


Members of Freshman Focus serve as active members for SGA committees and as ambassador groups for the freshmen class and student body by bringing to light the projects and initiatives that SGA and other students are accomplishing across campus. They also perform freshman outreach.


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