Student Organizational Funding

What is SOF? 

SOF is Student Organizational Funding. This money comes from the student activities fee. The purpose of SOF is to allow student organizations to go beyond financial limitations to better the experience for all its members and the Southern Miss Community. 

Funding is available to all student organizations registered with the Leadership and Student Involvement Office who meet requirements for SOF. 

SPRING 2019 SOF Timeline 

SOF Information Sessions See above 

SOF Applications Open September 13th 

SOF Applications Close September 28th 

SOF Interviews October 1st – 5th 

SOF Deliberations October 8th – 17th 

Dean of Students Approval October 24th 

Senate Approval October 25th 

Vice President of Student Affairs Approval October 29th 

SOF Notifications November 5th 

We want SOF! What do we do now? 

1. Information Session: In order to be considered for SOF, an organization President and Advisor must attend an information session. If you have conflicts and cannot attend an Information Session, contact President Pro Tempore Caroline Carney at 

2. Application: Each student organization must fill out an SOF application. If you are president of more than one student organization, you will fill out separate applications for each organization. If one student organization is applying for multiple events, each event must have a separate application. Applications will be available here on September 13th. 

3. Interviews: Each student organization must sign up for a 15-minute interview slot. The sign-up link is in the application. Minimally, the student organization president and one other officer must be present. If you are president of more than one student organization, you will sign up for one slot per organization. Student organizations applying for multiple events also have the option to sign up for onetime slot. 

4. Deliberations: Deliberations will be conducted by the Budgets and Appropriations committee. 

5. Decision: All organizations will be notified of SOF decisions. 

6. Appeals: You have up to 5 days after you receive your decision to appeal with the Vice President of Student Affairs. Instructions on the appeal process will be emailed with your funding decision. 

7. Claiming Funds: In order to collect awarded funds, you must fill out and submit the online purchase request form no less than three weeks before the funds need to be used. A link to this form will be emailed with your funding decision. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact President Pro Tempore Caroline Carney at