SGA Cabinet Meeting January 22,2018 4:30 p.m. Union Room B

·       Welcome – Cameron Cloud – President

·       Introduction of Guests

o    Wynde Fitts—SGA Advisor

o    Amanda Jo Ladner—SGA Graduate Assistant

o    McKenna Stone—SGA Vice President

o    Freshman Associates Members

·       Development and Morale

o    Caroline Bradley “Good luck with courses this spring semester!”

·       Executive Director Reports

o    Student Initiatives – Angel Lovett

§  Lauren Parker

·       Tobacco Policy informative sessions

o    Tuesday at 2pm and 3:30pm

o    Please attend because this is a huge change for USM!!!

·       National Eating Disorder Association Week

o    February 26th-March 1st

o    Tabling and movie times TBA

·       International Students Coffee Hour

o    TBA

o    Events – Deidra Ollie

§  Great job with Lighting the Way

§  Big Event

·       March 24th – also Accepted Students Day

·       Teamed up with CCE to reach out to more organizations in need of help

·       Sign-up sheets posted on the SGA website

·       Emails go out in the following week

·       If you know of any neighborhoods or churches that need help/assistance, please contact Cameron Kenney at

o    Communications – Carlee Welch-Dick

§  Promote Big Event

§  Promote Health and Wellness Panel

§  Promote Senate and Executive Officer forms (on the SGA website)

o    Freshman Associates – Katie Rogers

§  Group Meeting this Wednesday at 6:30pm in Union B

§  New Interim Focus Director – Franky Lopez

·       Announcements

o    SGA Website

§  Visit the site and give us feedback!!!

o    LSI Leadership Summit

§  Sign up link

o    Sign up for SGA Office Hours

§  Sign up link

o    Vice President of Student Affairs Forum

§  Students come and meet the three candidates and give feedback on them – location TBD

·       Jan. 29th 2:30-3:15pm

·       Feb. 1st 2:30-3:15pm

·       Feb. 5th 2:30-3:15pm

o    SGA Executive Officer and Senate Applications

o    Send Cabinet Excuses to Secretary Jessica Barnett

o    January 30th – Service Night at 5pm in the TCC

§  Gathering old t-shirts to repurpose them for animal shelters around Hattiesburg

SGA Cabinet | Meeting Minutes 10-17-16

Student Government Association – Cabinet Meeting Agenda

 Monday, October 17 – 4:30 PM


1.       Welcome – Caroline Bradley – President

2.       Introduction of Guests

a.        Dr. Wynde Fitts – SGA advisor; Jesse Robinson – SGA Vice President

3.       Development and Morale

a.        Courtney King – shout out to everyone who played a role in Miss USM, it was a success; make sure you’re signing up to help with Homecoming; reminder to wear festive socks to meeting on Halloween

4.       Executive Director Reports

a.        Student Initiatives – Marissa McGillis

                                                               i.      Briana Clay – Student Services – Student Appreciation Day is tomorrow 11-1 at Cook Library, passing out goodie bags, come out and support

                                                             ii.      Carlee Welch-Dick – It’s On Us – things to look out for: Nov 5 Domestic Violence Awareness game, video from athletics; share social media and promote why the game is purple; need help making purple ribbons; tabling sheet coming

                                                           iii.      Kawan Jefferson – Diversity – forum right after meeting

b.       Events – Kori Carson

                                                               i.      Shout out to Miss USM directors, it was a great night, thanks to everyone who was there and helped

                                                             ii.      Hannah Frosch – Homecoming – happening the week we come back, volunteer sign up sheets going around, making a google doc to sign up, sending emails with details, parade form closes on Fri Oct 21

                                                           iii.      Nina Bellipanni – Eaglepalooza – volunteer sign up sheet going around, need people in the morning to setup and at night to clean up, need lots of support

c.        Communications – Karis Hill

                                                               i.      Let us know about any communications needs; share social media next week for Homecoming, Eaglepalooza, and It’s On Us

d.       Freshman Associates – Carrie Anne Bounds

                                                              i.      Council – good start, getting to know each other, applying for positions, planning fall community service event – may be a campus beautification project with Physical Plant

                                                            ii.      Focus – rockin’ and rollin’, participating in SMAC Carnival, taking quizzes on The Drawl, working on t-shirt for FA and fall outreach event

                                                          iii.      Forum – also rockin’ and rollin’, brain storming on ideas to improve campus, assigning committees

5.      President’s Report

a.       Our New Miss USM – Kaelyn Wolfe

                                                              i.      Huge shout out to the directors, they did an awesome job, everyone loved the event, great job volunteers

b.      Homecoming Week and Eaglepalooza

                                                              i.      The next two weeks are going to be very busy for SGA, try to volunteer if you can

6.      Announcements

a.        Don’t forget about the Diversity Forum immediately after this

b.      Get your polo –  they are in Caroline’s office, come up at any point and get them

c.       Southern Style applications are due Wed Oct 19 at 5

d.      Lakelyn Taylor – Speech and Debate Team is hosting a Congressional Debate between candidates for U.S. House of Representatives on Wed Oct 26 at 6:30 in Thad ballrooms

SGA Cabinet | Meeting Minutes 3-6-17

                Student Government Association – Cabinet Meeting Agenda

 Monday, March 6– 4:30 PM


1.       Welcome – Caroline Bradley – President

2.       Introduction of Guests

a.        Ms. Wynde Fitts – SGA Advisor

3.       Development and Morale

a.        Let the team know if you have any ideas

4.       Executive Director Reports

a.        Student Initiatives – Marissa McGillis

                                                               i.      Carlee – It’s On Us

1.       Week of Action is the week after spring break, March 20-24

2.       Monday – movie screening of Hunting Ground; sponsored by Greek Life; pre-talk by specialist in risk management in education

3.       Tuesday – pennant demonstration; acapella song/flash mob in the Union; sign up to help stake flags Monday if you can

4.       Wednesday – need volunteers to help create a party scene for bystander intervention training

5.       Thursday – 1 in 5 demonstration; 5 people at different locations from 11 – 4; 4 people wearing white and 1 person wearing teal to represent 1 in 5 women who are sexually assaulted; if you sign up to help you get a free t shirt

6.       Friday – tabling

                                                             ii.      Chase – Student Services – met with Dr. Burke about holding open forums where students can voice their opinions; planning to have one the week after spring break or the week after; want to have one with the new athletic director

b.       Events – Chris Huffman

                                                               i.      Big Event sign ups have been made

                                                             ii.      If you know of any local businesses who would want to sponsor the t shirts, let us know

                                                           iii.      Andy – get your organizations to sign up and sign up yourself

c.        Communications – Karis Hill

                                                               i.      Elections are tomorrow – like and share

                                                             ii.      It’s On Us social media coming up – like and share

d.       Freshman Associates – Carrie Anne Bounds

                                                               i.      Council – no report

                                                             ii.      Forum – no report

                                                           iii.      Focus – working on outreach event after spring break

                                                            iv.      Group meeting – week after spring break

5.       President’s Report

a.        It’s On Us – it’s more student-oriented, please support by volunteering and going to events

b.       Our new AD is officially here!

c.        Be mindful - be careful about what you're saying when campaigning because you're still representing SGA

d.       Elections tomorrow

6.       Announcements

a.        Golden Challenge – Angel is in the lead; Cam and Casey are in second place; keep competing!

b.       Katie – the SGA office is a privilege for us; some initiatives and events have left stuff – please move so that the office can be clutter free and look nice

SGA Cabinet | Meeting Minutes 3-20-17

                Student Government Association – Cabinet Meeting Agenda

 Monday, March 20 – 4:30 PM


1.       Welcome – Caroline Bradley – President

2.       Introduction of Guests

a.        Franky Lopez – SGA Treasurer

3.       Development and Morale

a.        Welcome back from Spring Break! We’re halfway through the semester! Please sign up for everything and volunteer. Don’t forget about the Golden Challenge, and keep coming to meeting.

4.       Executive Director Reports

a.        Student Initiatives – Marissa McGillis

                                                               i.      Carlee – It's On Us – Come out to The Hunting Ground screening tonight! The move will actually start around 7:40 pm if you have to come late. Thank you to everyone who has already signed up to help. Please continue to sign up.

                                                             ii.      Student Initiatives will meet tomorrow, March 21 at 8 pm. Please come if you can since there are only a few more meetings.

b.       Events – Chris Huffman

                                                               i.      Big Event - Let us know about locations including schools, neighborhoods, etc. The sign-up link is live.

c.        Communications – Karis Hill

                                                               i.      Please share social media posts this week!

d.       Freshman Associates – Carrie Anne Bounds

                                                               i.      Group meeting this week. Will be doing leadership development activities.

                                                             ii.      Council – If you have any beads from Mardi Gras or St. Patrick’s Day parades, please bring them to Katie’s desk in the office. There will now be a talent show during Freshman Finale.

                                                           iii.      Focus – Working on Freshman Finale and event in April.

                                                            iv.      Forum – Met with McKenna Stone and had advisement with different sub-committees. Forum was able to come up with ideas and network.

e.        President’s Report

                                                               i.      It’s On Us – This is happening this week. Please be sure to volunteer if you can. Carlee has worked hard to make this week different, not a lecture session but instead student-oriented.

                                                             ii.      Applications Coming Soon – For new Cabinet. It’s important to volunteer and show up to things because this is noted and will be shared with the new SGA Exec. whenever you’re applying for new positions.

                                                           iii.      Awards Day and Founder’s Day – Dr. Bennett is changing our Founder’s Day ceremony to bring it back to what it used to be. It will now be a State of the University Address that is given at alternating campuses. Dr. Bennett will be giving an update about how Southern Miss is looking like. Student Awards Day on Tuesday, April 11 at 3 pm will be when Who’s Who, Hall of Fame, SGA Inductions, etc. is presented.

f.         Announcements

                                                               i.      Golden Challenge – Only a few people with stars. Angel is in the lead. Updating with attendance and office hours soon.

                                                             ii.      Sign Up: It’s On Us and Big Event