Cabinet Meeting: Monday, August 29 – 4:30 PM

    Student Government Association – Cabinet Meeting Agenda
 Monday, August 29 – 4:30 PM

1.    Welcome – Caroline Bradley – President
•    Thanks to those who were able to make it to the meeting
2.    Introduction of Guests
•    Wynde Fitts- welcome Amanda Jo, our new grad assistant
•    Check your email and do the SGA leadership assessment (at the beginning and end of the year). YOU MUST TAKE THIS
•    SGA Fantasy Football League. Email
•    Franky Lopez- Philanthropy Commission apps are out, so please share and spread the word; want to get more students involved this year; other branches are allowed to apply; direct questions to Franky
•    Jesse Robinson- Senate now has office hours; Senate Meet and Greet in the breezeway with snow cones and last push for FA sign up Sept 7 @ 12-1:30 pm
3.    Development and Morale
•    Welcome back!
•    First football game is next week, Sept 10!
•    Fun boards are up, so go and check them out!
4. Executive Director Reports
    a. Student Initiatives – Marissa McGillis
•    Creed Week is Sept 12-16. More details to come
•    2nd Annual Meet the Deans is this Thursday, Sept 1 @ 5-6:30 pm in TCC 218
•    PEERS (old SOS) application to be an academic coach is out and closing on Sept 2 (for sophomores and first year transfer students)
•    Signup sheet for tabling for PEERS
    b. Events – Kori Carson
•    Connor Pitre (EP director)- update: rebranding all of Eaglepalooza; location: Spirit Park November 5 @ 7:30
•    Chris Huffman (HC director)- HC signups for teams go live Sept 12 and close Sept 26
•    Miss USM- October 15 @ 6:30
    c. Communications – Karis Hill
•    Lots going on so we need to put out posters and share and like
    d. Freshman Associates – Carrie Anne Bounds
•    Focus is working on quizzes from drawl and promoting FA
•    Redoing Forum interview and more competitive; revamp
5. President’s Report
a.    Promotional Material
b.    Office Hours
•    Sign up for office hours if you haven’t
•    Other branches are now requiring office hours; reach out
c.    Polo Pick Up
•    Pick up polo from Terondrick
6. Announcements
•    Go to Meet the Deans!!!
•    Pride Preview Day on Friday, Sept 2 @ 6 pm