Cabinet Meeting: Monday, September 12 – 4:30 PM

Student Government Association – Cabinet Meeting Agenda
Monday, September 12 – 4:30 PM

1.    Welcome – Caroline Bradley – President
2.    Introduction of Guests
a.    Dr. Thomas Burke – Vice President of Student Affairs – Feel free to visit him in his office to talk about SGA or anything else. He is looking forward to working with SGA!
3.    Development and Morale – Hannah Hill and Sydnee Carter – Planning fun events for team building.
4.    Executive Director Reports
a.    Student Initiatives – Marissa McGillis
i.    Thanks to everyone who signed up for Creed Week. Please wear your SGA polo when tabling.
ii.    Tonight is the last night to sign up to be a PEERS mentor. Contact Marissa by midnight.
b.    Events – Kori Carson
i.    Miss USM – Victoria Robertson – Please recruit and spread the word. Give interested people Victoria's or Christina Vehos's email. Interest meetings are on Sept. 20 & 28 at 7:00 pm.
ii.    Eaglepalooza – Nina Bellipanni & Connor Pitre – Less than two months away! Have pretty much nailed down the artist. Like the EP Facebook page if you haven't already and share it. Push the event on social media.
iii.    Homecoming – Chris Huffman & Hannah Frosch – Spread the word about HC elections. Applications are due Sept. 15.
c.    Communications – Karis Hill
i.    Share Creed Week posts on social media.
ii.    The team has great ideas going for events and initiatives. If you have any ideas, let them know.
d.    Freshman Associates – Carrie Anne Bounds
i.    116 applicants! Interviews start tomorrow. Group – Tues., Wed., and Thurs. Individual – Start on Sun. Sign up to help with group interviews.
5.    President’s Report
a.    Polos – Thank you to those who are wearing them! Please remember to wear them to meetings. If you have sorority chapter meeting after Cabinet, it's okay if you can't wear your polo. They are great for walking around campus to represent! Grab your size if you haven't already and be honest!
b.    Parking – You have probably seen the petition and/or Caroline's announcement on the SGA page. There is going to be an open forum with Dr. Bennett and Dr. Vinzant. The tentative date is Sept. 21 at 6:30 pm. Location is TBA. This is an SGA-sponsored event so please be there. You can ask any questions here, and there will be a presentation with resolutions. Remember that any resolution has costs. Raises in price are good. Please explain this to people who complain. The money goes to making sidewalks more accessible and parking improvements like paving, lights, etc. They want to make parking look nice like the LAB parking lot. Stay positive about this issue!
c.    Creed Week – Going on this week
i.    Today  – Signing the Creed book – was super successful, ton of turnout
ii.    Tuesday – Diversity event – playing questionnaire game to win prizes
iii.    Wednesday – Raising awareness about It's on Us – stickers and buttons, social media challenge
iv.    Thursday – Speak Up Southern Miss – collaborate with Senate, talk to Senators, voice your opinion
v.    Friday – Voter Registration
vi.    Use the hashtag – #WeTheCreed
6.    Announcements
a.    Lakelyn Taylor – Speech and Debate Team is hosting a tournament two weekends from now, and they need judges. You can get volunteer hours. Contact Lakelyn if interested.
b.    Terondrick Waller – Make sure you are emailing your exec. directors back, even if it's a simple, "Got it."