SGA Cabinet | Meeting Minutes 3-20-17

                Student Government Association – Cabinet Meeting Agenda

 Monday, March 20 – 4:30 PM


1.       Welcome – Caroline Bradley – President

2.       Introduction of Guests

a.        Franky Lopez – SGA Treasurer

3.       Development and Morale

a.        Welcome back from Spring Break! We’re halfway through the semester! Please sign up for everything and volunteer. Don’t forget about the Golden Challenge, and keep coming to meeting.

4.       Executive Director Reports

a.        Student Initiatives – Marissa McGillis

                                                               i.      Carlee – It's On Us – Come out to The Hunting Ground screening tonight! The move will actually start around 7:40 pm if you have to come late. Thank you to everyone who has already signed up to help. Please continue to sign up.

                                                             ii.      Student Initiatives will meet tomorrow, March 21 at 8 pm. Please come if you can since there are only a few more meetings.

b.       Events – Chris Huffman

                                                               i.      Big Event - Let us know about locations including schools, neighborhoods, etc. The sign-up link is live.

c.        Communications – Karis Hill

                                                               i.      Please share social media posts this week!

d.       Freshman Associates – Carrie Anne Bounds

                                                               i.      Group meeting this week. Will be doing leadership development activities.

                                                             ii.      Council – If you have any beads from Mardi Gras or St. Patrick’s Day parades, please bring them to Katie’s desk in the office. There will now be a talent show during Freshman Finale.

                                                           iii.      Focus – Working on Freshman Finale and event in April.

                                                            iv.      Forum – Met with McKenna Stone and had advisement with different sub-committees. Forum was able to come up with ideas and network.

e.        President’s Report

                                                               i.      It’s On Us – This is happening this week. Please be sure to volunteer if you can. Carlee has worked hard to make this week different, not a lecture session but instead student-oriented.

                                                             ii.      Applications Coming Soon – For new Cabinet. It’s important to volunteer and show up to things because this is noted and will be shared with the new SGA Exec. whenever you’re applying for new positions.

                                                           iii.      Awards Day and Founder’s Day – Dr. Bennett is changing our Founder’s Day ceremony to bring it back to what it used to be. It will now be a State of the University Address that is given at alternating campuses. Dr. Bennett will be giving an update about how Southern Miss is looking like. Student Awards Day on Tuesday, April 11 at 3 pm will be when Who’s Who, Hall of Fame, SGA Inductions, etc. is presented.

f.         Announcements

                                                               i.      Golden Challenge – Only a few people with stars. Angel is in the lead. Updating with attendance and office hours soon.

                                                             ii.      Sign Up: It’s On Us and Big Event