SGA Cabinet | Meeting Minutes 3-6-17

                Student Government Association – Cabinet Meeting Agenda

 Monday, March 6– 4:30 PM


1.       Welcome – Caroline Bradley – President

2.       Introduction of Guests

a.        Ms. Wynde Fitts – SGA Advisor

3.       Development and Morale

a.        Let the team know if you have any ideas

4.       Executive Director Reports

a.        Student Initiatives – Marissa McGillis

                                                               i.      Carlee – It’s On Us

1.       Week of Action is the week after spring break, March 20-24

2.       Monday – movie screening of Hunting Ground; sponsored by Greek Life; pre-talk by specialist in risk management in education

3.       Tuesday – pennant demonstration; acapella song/flash mob in the Union; sign up to help stake flags Monday if you can

4.       Wednesday – need volunteers to help create a party scene for bystander intervention training

5.       Thursday – 1 in 5 demonstration; 5 people at different locations from 11 – 4; 4 people wearing white and 1 person wearing teal to represent 1 in 5 women who are sexually assaulted; if you sign up to help you get a free t shirt

6.       Friday – tabling

                                                             ii.      Chase – Student Services – met with Dr. Burke about holding open forums where students can voice their opinions; planning to have one the week after spring break or the week after; want to have one with the new athletic director

b.       Events – Chris Huffman

                                                               i.      Big Event sign ups have been made

                                                             ii.      If you know of any local businesses who would want to sponsor the t shirts, let us know

                                                           iii.      Andy – get your organizations to sign up and sign up yourself

c.        Communications – Karis Hill

                                                               i.      Elections are tomorrow – like and share

                                                             ii.      It’s On Us social media coming up – like and share

d.       Freshman Associates – Carrie Anne Bounds

                                                               i.      Council – no report

                                                             ii.      Forum – no report

                                                           iii.      Focus – working on outreach event after spring break

                                                            iv.      Group meeting – week after spring break

5.       President’s Report

a.        It’s On Us – it’s more student-oriented, please support by volunteering and going to events

b.       Our new AD is officially here!

c.        Be mindful - be careful about what you're saying when campaigning because you're still representing SGA

d.       Elections tomorrow

6.       Announcements

a.        Golden Challenge – Angel is in the lead; Cam and Casey are in second place; keep competing!

b.       Katie – the SGA office is a privilege for us; some initiatives and events have left stuff – please move so that the office can be clutter free and look nice