SGA Cabinet Meeting January 22,2018 4:30 p.m. Union Room B

·       Welcome – Cameron Cloud – President

·       Introduction of Guests

o    Wynde Fitts—SGA Advisor

o    Amanda Jo Ladner—SGA Graduate Assistant

o    McKenna Stone—SGA Vice President

o    Freshman Associates Members

·       Development and Morale

o    Caroline Bradley “Good luck with courses this spring semester!”

·       Executive Director Reports

o    Student Initiatives – Angel Lovett

§  Lauren Parker

·       Tobacco Policy informative sessions

o    Tuesday at 2pm and 3:30pm

o    Please attend because this is a huge change for USM!!!

·       National Eating Disorder Association Week

o    February 26th-March 1st

o    Tabling and movie times TBA

·       International Students Coffee Hour

o    TBA

o    Events – Deidra Ollie

§  Great job with Lighting the Way

§  Big Event

·       March 24th – also Accepted Students Day

·       Teamed up with CCE to reach out to more organizations in need of help

·       Sign-up sheets posted on the SGA website

·       Emails go out in the following week

·       If you know of any neighborhoods or churches that need help/assistance, please contact Cameron Kenney at

o    Communications – Carlee Welch-Dick

§  Promote Big Event

§  Promote Health and Wellness Panel

§  Promote Senate and Executive Officer forms (on the SGA website)

o    Freshman Associates – Katie Rogers

§  Group Meeting this Wednesday at 6:30pm in Union B

§  New Interim Focus Director – Franky Lopez

·       Announcements

o    SGA Website

§  Visit the site and give us feedback!!!

o    LSI Leadership Summit

§  Sign up link

o    Sign up for SGA Office Hours

§  Sign up link

o    Vice President of Student Affairs Forum

§  Students come and meet the three candidates and give feedback on them – location TBD

·       Jan. 29th 2:30-3:15pm

·       Feb. 1st 2:30-3:15pm

·       Feb. 5th 2:30-3:15pm

o    SGA Executive Officer and Senate Applications

o    Send Cabinet Excuses to Secretary Jessica Barnett

o    January 30th – Service Night at 5pm in the TCC

§  Gathering old t-shirts to repurpose them for animal shelters around Hattiesburg