Varsity is an opportunity for all Southern Miss students to get involved in SGA. This new platform allows members in the community to volunteer, serve, and lead in SGA events and initiatives (see opportunities below). Because you sign up for individual Postings, Varsity requires a low time commitment. Try it out – you might make new friends and discover a passion for serving the community in a unique way!


How do you get involved?


You can check out the website regularly to view Varsity Postings and sign up for the events or initiatives that interest you. Fun fact: you can sign up for as many or few Varsity Postings as you want – there will be plenty to choose from! A calendar with events and initiatives will be published later this summer. After you sign up for a Varsity Posting, we will contact you with training dates and details.


Who can get involved?


All students are encouraged to participate in Varsity! This is an opportunity for you to get plugged into the community, serve your peers, and gain leadership experience. Students do not need to meet any requirements to sign up for Postings … all we ask is that you bring an openness to meeting new people, embracing inclusivity, and creating positive changes at our university. We are all Golden Eagles, we are all SGA, and everyone is on the Varsity Team.


Potential Varsity Events/Initiatives:

*Dates and descriptions will be posted closer to the beginning of the Fall semester.



* Eaglepalooza

* Homecoming

* The Miss USM Pageant

* Lighting the Way for the Holiday Season

* The Big Event

  It’s On Us

* Mental Health Awareness Week

* Creed Day